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Deep womanly orgasmic pleasure

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A sort of modern day version of Victorian sex, where women lie back, think of England, and hope the fumbling in our nether regions will soon be. Apparently not. According to some women, birth can be enjoyable — pleasurable.

Yes, you heard correctly. Our default image of birth, thanks in part to TV programmes like One Born Every Minute, is of a woman, on her back, begging to be rescued from the pain.

Birth is part of the Sexy local hotties Riceboro Georgia sexual cycle — if women are confident sexually, if they believe in their bodies and the power they hold, if they have support all round — I think more women would Deep womanly orgasmic pleasure pleasurable or orgasmic births if there was a better Hudson valley swingers of, and confidence in, the female body.

Great birth and great sex are very similar experiences.

I immediately believed it was possible for me. I dug deeper and let go. And I mean, I really let go.

It was the most incredible rush, more sensual than sexual. I have never felt more feminine, more goddess-like, more womanly, than in that moment.

Female Arousal & 3 Tips to Reach Orgasm More Easily - The V. Club

When I or my wife gave birth, it was hideous, and about as far from great sex as you could. This is hippy nonsense.

How well supported were you? What was the environment like? How were you expecting the birth to be, and how might this have shaped what actually happened?

In modern birth, as in modern sex, issues of consent and the misuse of power often loom large. But perhaps our real surprise should be that the s are so low. Would we accept these figures as positive if they applied to our sex lives?