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Coffee Vacations: Where to Travel to Find the Best International Coffee

September 18th, 2016 · No Comments · Travel Guides

Around the World in a Cup of Coffee

international coffee travel tips

For those that love good coffee, there are few experiences that rival the sensory overload that comes with an excellent cup of coffee consumed in a beautiful location while deep in the throes of relaxation. And, while good coffee is a luxury available just about anywhere that tourists frequent these days, there is definitely something to be said for consuming the product at its point of origin.

So, for the intrepid traveler who just happens to love a fantastic cup of coffee, here are six travel destinations that combine the best of coffee and tourism—one for each continent, besides Antarctica.

North America Coffee Travel

Let’s just get this out of the way at the onset. Nowhere is more coffee consumed than in the United States. And, nowhere in the United States is more of the good stuff consumed (by capita) than in Portland, Oregon, at friendly neighborhood coffee houses like Bipartisan Cafe and others. Arguably the origin point of the micro-roaster phenomena, and home to some of the most passionate and well-informed coffee professionals in the world, Portland may not have the Starbuck’s-fueled reputation of its big sister to the north, but for the locals (and travelers in the know) that’s just fine.

Coffee in South America

Columbia, once as well known for its illegal drug trade (and all the unfortunate business that goes along with it) as for its spectacular coffee, has turned a page. The cities and countryside of this South American nation are safe and welcoming these days. Book yourself a trek/tour that begins in Bogata and takes you deep into the country’s famous coffee triangle.

Africa Travel, Just for a Cup

Roundly considered to be the country currently producing the world’s best coffee, Ethiopia (with nearby Kenya coming in a distant second and Columbia—see above—taking third place) is also considered to be the birthplace of coffee. Why not travel to the origin and take part in the ancient tradition of the Ethiopian coffee ceremony?

European Coffee Destinations

international coffee travel tips Ireland

Some will argue that coffee reaches the peak of its expression when roasted and blended to be ground and brewed as espresso. Visit the country of espresso’s origin and taste the master’s brew in Trieste, Italy. Enjoy beautiful views of the northern Adriatic while sipping some of the world’s best coffee.

Asia, Southeast Asia, and Coffee

If you’ve ever tasted high quality imported coffee from Southeast Asia, then you probably know the region is home to two of the world’s most expensive coffees; each produced using the digestive tract of either elephants or civet cats. However, if you’d prefer an excellent cup of coffee without drinking something that’s been through another mammal, consider traveling to Singapore and enjoying the unique flavor of this country’s national beverage as expressed at any of its traditional coffee cafes.

Australia for a Cup of Joe

Lastly, Australia, though not a coffee producing nation, is home to some of the world’s best coffee shops, particularly in Melbourne. Melbourne is roundly considered to have some of the best cafes and coffee shops in the entire world.

international coffee travel tips Australia

No Tiny Can Rectangular Can Required

If you’re old enough then maybe the words “international” and “coffee” when they appear together remind of certain television commercials in which tired American homemakers would use the power of a cup of coffee to transport themselves to destinations around the world. These days, coffee connoisseurs are traveling the world to enjoy the purest expressions of one of the planet’s favorite beverages.

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