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What to Get the Eco-Conscious Friend for the Holidays

December 10th, 2012 · No Comments · Holiday Travel

Giving Eco-Friendly Gifts When You Can’t Travel

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Not everyone can be Santa Claus come holiday time, that much is for sure. With the price of airline tickets or train tickets just a bit out of reach for so many, looking for the next best thing to being there with your family and friends may just be the only option this year. And what if those friends and family members also happen to be looking for the latest green tech gadgets or some eco-friendly gift ideas? Then what can you do?

Together with a meaningful hand-written card that you fill out with a red or green-ink pen, why not consider finding them an affordable and eco-friendly holiday gift, and sending that package on instead of getting there in person? With plenty of great eco-friendly gifts on the market, finding the perfect thing for every environmentally conscious on your list shouldn’t be a problem.

Great Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas on a Budget

Some friends aren’t your closest pals, but they still make your gift list every year, so finding something that packs a present punch without breaking the budget is mandatory. What about picking up one of these Evolve showerheads, since who doesn’t love a nice hot shower? And if you can help them to conserve some of the planet’s most valuable resource, and trim their water bills a bit in the process, then why wouldn’t you?

Here’s a few other resources for you:

If you’re in the UK, then here are some great gift ideas for kids of environmentally concerned parents, and another list of eco-friendly must-have gifts and gadgets if you’re in the States and needing some help with the Christmas shopping list.

Crossing over from more affordable gifts to slightly more generous gifts for the holidays, here’s a great list of 10 energy efficient holiday gifts for some great ideas. You’ll find everything from the $2 solar powered grass hopper for kids, on up to the $250 Nest home thermostat. This one should make shopping for just about anyone, a total breeze.

More Expensive Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Holidays

If you’re shopping for your parents, or you’ve got a bit more cash to spend this season, here’s a few eco-friendly gifts that rate a bit higher on the scale. What about an eco-friendly mobile phone? That’s right. The Nokia EC509 Green Core mobile is effectively powered by kinetic energy which means that it does not need a battery at all.

Learn more about the Matteo Trisolini designed eco-friendly Nokia EC509 Green Core phone here.

And if you’ve just won the lottery, or you have excessively wealthy friends who share your passion for the environment and already own everything they need in life, consider Italy’s PAMA Design “Tritone 80 Yacht,” which is 80-feet long, and is powered exclusively by solar and wind energy. That’s right. A Xero-Emission Yacht.

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