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5 Things to Look for in a Pet Sitter When You’re Going Away on Vacation

October 26th, 2016 · Travel Tips

Leaving Your Dog in Trusted Hands

finding a pet sitter

Like many Americans, you probably take a break from life every once in a while, and head out into the world on vacation. Whether you go near or far, the truth is, you can’t always take your dog or companion animal along on the trip. While boarding can be a great option, not everyone is able or interested in leaving their dog in the company of a pack of strangers, and for some, the costs are just too great. So what are the other options available?

For starters, a neighborhood dog sitter is probably your best bet. But you won’t want to leave your best friend in the hands of just anyone. With that in mind, here are a few easy ways to make sure that when you travel, your dog is in the best hands possible. Read on for a few things to consider next time you’re choosing a professional, qualified pet sitter. [Read more →]

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Coffee Vacations: Where to Travel to Find the Best International Coffee

September 18th, 2016 · Travel Guides

Around the World in a Cup of Coffee

international coffee travel tips

For those that love good coffee, there are few experiences that rival the sensory overload that comes with an excellent cup of coffee consumed in a beautiful location while deep in the throes of relaxation. And, while good coffee is a luxury available just about anywhere that tourists frequent these days, there is definitely something to be said for consuming the product at its point of origin.

So, for the intrepid traveler who just happens to love a fantastic cup of coffee, here are six travel destinations that combine the best of coffee and tourism—one for each continent, besides Antarctica. [Read more →]

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Insulation: A Green Building’s Best Defense

August 8th, 2013 · Travel Tips

Insulation: Minding Your Vacation Home and Going Green

home insulation

Did you know that perhaps the best way to keep your home energy bills down also happens to be one of the greenest? Using insulation in your home may sound obvious, like it is something everyone has.

In fact, if your home was built before 1978, there is a strong possibility that it is un-insulated or under-insulated, which can lead to a significant waste of energy and soaring utility bills.

To give you an idea of how beneficial insulation is to the environment, the US currently eliminates three-quarters of a billion tons of carbon monoxide every year through using insulation in buildings, approximately the pollution of 150 coal-fired power plants.

Benefits of Insulation

On the most basic level, insulation functions like a sleeping bag for your home: it keeps warm air inside your home and helps keep colder air out. As the warm air in your home rises through the ceiling or otherwise moves out of your home, insulation traps that air in small pockets that significantly slows its movement.

Different types of insulation possess different degrees heat-slowing ability, which is measured by its “R-value” per inch. Most standard building materials such as concrete or drywall, on their own, have low R-values, in the range of 0.5-1.0 per inch. Most common insulation materials have much higher R-values—about 2.1-7.7 per inch.

Which Insulation Is Right for You?

There are many types of insulation to choose from, so finding a good insulation that is in line with your needs and commitment to a green world is easy. Rock and slag wool insulation, for example, is highly effective at trapping warm air inside your home, and it can be moved, removed, recycled and reused.

The same is true of fiberglass insulation. Whether adding more insulation to your pre-existing insulation to make it more efficient, or insulating your home for the first time, insulation is an important step in making your green home more comfortable, cost-effective, and energy efficient.

[Photo Via: ryan-ws]

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The Rewards of Being a Victim’s Advocate

June 25th, 2013 · International Destination Information

victim's advocate

The rewards of being a victim’s advocate are not public adulation, convenient hours, or the pay. The greatest reward is the feeling of satisfaction you have when you help someone in their darkest hour. You can actually be the only light in a dark tunnel. That is a huge reward.

Violent crime is found is all sectors of population. Every ethnic, social, religious, and economic group has their share of violent crime and violent crime survivors. Traumatized victims are reluctant to ask for help or report the crime.  Physically and emotionally damaged individuals are not prepared to deal with law enforcement investigations and the judicial process. Most victims are not aware of their legal rights, their right for compensation benefits, or protection provisions that could be provided them by the criminal justice system.  [Read more →]

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Taking a Walking Holiday in Europe

January 8th, 2013 · International Destination Information

For Those Who Prefer a Slower, More Relaxed Holiday Abroad

Walking Tour of the French Countryside

If you’ve fallen in love with the French countryside, and bid your romantic farewells to the city of Paris, opting instead for a quiet, peaceful holiday abroad, away from all the glitz and lights of the city, then perhaps a walking tour is just the kind of getaway you’re looking for.

Not all vacationers want to have the hustle and bustle of a big city experience, complete as it is with long lines in and out of museums, problematic transportation experiences on the subway, in taxi cabs, or on bikes, and over-priced meals in restaurants that ultimately, you could probably take or leave. And what about the rest of the country in question? Surely, Paris is to be counted among the finest cities in the world — but France is so much bigger than just the city. And falling in love with the European countryside is something very easy to do. [Read more →]

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Tips for Doing Business Internationally

December 29th, 2012 · Business Travel

How to Get the Most Out of Business Travel and More

international business travel tips

When you’re just starting out in a career that involves a ton of international travel, things can seem a bit tricky to figure out. Things aren’t quite as easy as they once seemed, way back when you were pursuing your international business degree, taking classes and learning what it was going to be like in the working world. Well, now you’re there — IN the working world, and your new boss throws an airplane ticket down on your desk.

Europe? The far east? Russia? With the pace of industry at an all time high, and supply chains as well as customer bases reaching international levels as the new normal, chances are that when you start a career for a large-scale corporation, some amount of travel will be required. And international travel may be something you end up having to do quite often. So how do you remain productive, fall easily into a new time zone, make sure you sleep and get all your work done, when you’re flying through multiple time zones on a weekly or monthly basis?

Here are a few travel tips to help you get into a comfortable and productive groove when traveling for business is required. [Read more →]

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